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Draw The Way Review

Draw The Way is an application developed by OverjoyedGameDevs. Draw The Way was first published on . It is accessible on Steam.

Draw The Way is a skill-based hardcore platforming game.
You can draw whatever you want to overcome the difficulties.

So let's jump, draw, and beat all the seemingly impossible levels!

About This Game
A strange energy is spreading around the world... The Void!
Aliens from Void dimension will come to destroy your home through the Vortexes.

The United Brains of Protection's scientists created a Robot, who can save the world.
Your mission is to find and collapse all Void Vortex on your planet.
You are the Catalyst!


- Coop multiplayer; Play with your friend and cooperate or just try to best them! :D

- Unique drawing tool, which you can draw anything, like a platform to jump on or a shield to protect you from the harmful projectiles.

- Time Freeze flashlight, which can save you from tight situations.

- Challenging maps and difficulties.

- Nightmare mode for the ultimate challengers.

- Unique heroes and abilities.

- Hardcore and rage-like gameplay.

Draw The Way

4.2 / 5

Draw The Way Logo
Author: OverjoyedGameDevs
Size: 1 GB available space

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