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Clickable Coffee Shop Review

Clickable Coffee Shop is an app designed by aaror874 (Ajay Arora). Clickable Coffee Shop was first published on . The app is available for Steam.

Clickable Coffee Shop is an incremental game designed by Ajay Arora. It is themed around the player creating their own coffee shop.

It starts off very simply; Click on the coffee bean, once you amass enough coffee beans, purchase an upgrade.

You will find, however, that as you accumulate upgrades, you will have to click less and less!

There are several upgrades to purchase using in-game currency, and there are 3 types of in-game currency by the way;

Coffee Beans: The currency that the player has the most access to when the game first starts. It is used to purchase early game upgrades, however if the user collects enough of them they can earn achievements for it.

Premium Coffee Beans: A rare currency that only increments by 1 every time the user clicks on the coffee bean 100 times. Premium beans are used to purchase Icons. Icons increase the player's coffee beans "per click." They also replace the sprite of the coffee bean on the main game tab, to further enhance the look of the game.

Money: Exactly as it sounds. However, this currency is not unlocked until a certain point in the game. Money is used to purchase late-game upgrades.

The game includes 35 Steam achievements, stats, a prestige feature, and color themes to enhance the UI upon the download of a DLC.


There are 10 upgrades in the upgrade shop in this game, all of which increase beans (or money) "per second." A common goal is to accumulate 250 of each upgrade, in order to earn all of the achievements for them.


There are 9 icons in the icon shop. These increase beans "per click." They are all purchased using premium coffee beans.

Expected Playtime: Several Hours - Indefinitely. The game has no true ending, which means you could play forever if you wanted to.

(Clickable Coffee Shop is available for Windows, Android (play store), and it will soon be available on Macs).

Clickable Coffee Shop

2.5 / 5

Clickable Coffee Shop Logo
Author: aaror874 (Ajay Arora)
Size: 40 MB available space

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